Paleo Sleep Book

With our busy and fast paced lifestyles, more people are finding themselves struggling with what should come so naturally, sleep. Our schedules are becoming tighter by the day and this leaves us with barely enough time to shut down and rest. Your body is the least productive when worn out. This is when one finds themselves reading a text over and over without quite grasping the message conveyed in it.

What is Paleo Sleep Book

The Paleo Sleep Book is a guide specially compiled for people who struggle with insomnia. This covers people who only manage to sleep for a few hours every night, those who wake up in frequent intervals at night, seasonal insomniacs and those who spend long hours tossing in bed without finding any sleep. It has been proven effective in helping even the most sleep deprived individuals to get back to healthy sleep routines.
The Paleo Sleep Book takes us back to the days of our ancestors. Back when people had no trouble sleeping and their days were basically planned out and followed strict routines. This books guides it readers on how to slow down their lifestyles and include adequate sleep into their busy schedules. Besides laying this out in the open, this book actually offers a comprehensive guide on how to do this until success is attained.

Cons of Insomnia

Insomnia basically ruins your health. The effects are just as bad as poor eating habits and indulging in destructive behavior. Soon the effects will start showing through your skin, and sadly, on your productivity at work or school.
1. Decreased Cardiovascular Health
People ho experience trouble sleeping have been noted to be at risk of cardiovascular illnesses. They are more susceptible to diseases such as high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and increased production of stress hormones.
2. Weak Immunity
Not getting adequate sleep during the night denies your body the chance to replenish and rejuvenate itself. This means that normal activities within the body are interfered with and in this case, better immunity. This makes you prone to diseases. Whenever there’s an outbreak, you will be prone to infections which weakens your immunity even further. You are more likely to find yourself battling illnesses such as the common cold and flu.
3. Increased Weight
In line with insomnia interfering with the body’s natural way of functioning, you are also likely to add weight. Your mind is a powerful tool and if denied adequate rest, it fails miserably at controlling normal body functions. Insomnia interferes with the body’s normal way of storing and producing carbohydrates. This messes up the hormones responsible for appetite regulation hence feeling hungry more often.
4. Risk of Accidents
A drowsy person is more likely to fall asleep behind the wheel than one who’s wide awake. A sleep deprived person is also more likely to make simple mistakes at work/ school or at home.
5. Increased Risk of Depression
Insomniacs are very impatient, angry and irritable. These qualities put them at a greater risk of depression seeing that happiness is harder to come by for them.

What Can I Do to Sleep Better?

The paleo book first helps its readers to tap into the body’s natural sleep source; brain waves. In order for sleep to be naturally triggered, your brain waves must slow down.

This may sound easy but due to the lifestyle preferences that we have acquired, this process becomes almost impossible to achieve. With distractions such as; artificial light, dietary stimulants, and numerous technological gadgets, slowing down the brain’s activity becomes impossible.

If you can relate to this then the Paleo Sleep Book has a solution just for you. An insomniac is bound to experience some relief and rest in the binaural beats. This is a special audio recording that is a form of advanced meditation music. The binaural Beat uses a specific process called frequency response that relaxes the brain hence slowed down brain waves.

You will also learn about the Theta Frequency Recordings. These are also effective in this quest as they produce a deeply relaxing state of mind and is commonly used by meditators. It is advisable to listen to these frequencies at a specific time each day. This will in future trigger your brain to commence relaxation around that time hence a fixed sleep routine.

Pros of Paleo Sleep

People who have successfully followed the six step sleep methodology of the paleo sleep book have all attested to longer and better sleeping patterns. If you keep this up for an extended period of time, you all the illnesses that were previously brought about by insomnia will fade away.

They also spoke of a better mental balance that enabled them to make smarter decisions hence increased productivity in school and work.

The best thing about this program is that it works impressively fast. You are guaranteed to start experiencing results around day 3. It is, however, advisable to pair this program up with a consistent routine.

Paleo Sleep Book

Paleo Sleep Book